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Jasmin Coir Products one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of cocopeat from Tirunelveli, India. We have taken to a new markets for supplies and to bring new resources to its customers. Jasmin Coir Products distributes products resulting from the processing of coconut husk into Coconut Fiber & CocoPeat products for the use in Agriculture, Horticulture as well as in animal husbandry. Jasmin ensures & aims at consistent quality products over time.

We are the recognized as the foremost manufacturer and exporter of high quality Coir Pith Products. Offered products are used in nursery for growing plants. These products are prepared with high level of precision using excellent quality coco husk and shell with the help of latest technology. Meticulously checked in adherence with the international quality standards,

The fibrous husks are soaked in pits or in nets in a slow moving body of water to swell and soften the fibres. The long bristle fibres are separated from the shorter mattress fibres underneath the skin of the nut, a process known as wet-milling. The mattress fibres are sifted to remove dirt and other rubbish, dried and packed into bales. Some mattress fibre is allowed to retain more moisture.

Jasmin Coir Substrates growbags have become a popular choice for multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits & flowers. Our Jasmin Substrates growbags are 100% natural. Growbags are made up of a special blend of coir pith and chips, designed to provide the ideal air to water ratio for hydroponics. Our strict quality control regime ensures that only

Is there some magic ingredient that can prevent potted soil from getting hardened and caked up over time? An ingredient that can keep the soil loose, which in turn enables roots to spread out easily, enjoy more breathing space and aeration, and consequently achieve better plant growth? Well, the answer can be found in the humble coconut fibre, which is now being processed and marketed as Cocopeat.

With every passing day, human beings are vouching for sustainable ways to get a life free of harmful chemicals and other toxic products. Hence, the coco peat or coco coir has gained massive popularity as a perfect growing medium in horticulture. But there are several processes included in the coco coir treatment and without proper processing of the coco coir; it will create an imbalance in the proposition of calcium

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Intro About Jasmin Coir

Jasmin Coir Products and Exports is one of the largest Manufacturers and whole sale suppliers of Coir products in TamilNadu

Raw Materials

Coconut husk is the raw material for coir products. The husk is 100% natural and organic. The raw materials are collected from our own fiber mill.


The raw material is washed with fresh water in order to reduce the EC levels.We strictly follow the international standards to achieve high quality product.


The squeezed material is then dried in the drying yard in the most natural way possible. Indirect hot air driers are also used. The drying process is undertaken in a concrete yard.

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Though we have been in the coco peat industry for a short while, we have garnered reputed clients and have established ourselves as a renowned manufacturer.